Ministry trips 2019

KENYA- January 2019


George Odour

 Africa Living Word Ministries

Africa Living Word Ministries is the hub of LWM’s ministry in Western Kenya, run by two local missionary pastors, Nashon Ooko and George Odour (pictured). They organised a number of conferences in Kisumu, and further north in more rural areas, and with the orphanage at Seme. It was encouraging to see the progress maintained by the team’s efforts from just over a year earlier, and how the pawpaw trees (papaya) had taken root and begun to flourish. They are pleased that they now have clean water to drink, and a well that is safe.

prison inmates

The most striking parts of the trip were what the Lord is doing in some of the prisons. Inmates, many of whom are there for capital crimes, are clearly finding the Lord, and growing in their salvation. In two of the three prison visits, the Holy Spirit’s presence was so powerful, making ministry there easy. Conditions are very, very basic, and far from what would be considered the prisoners’ “rights” in the West. Gifts were taken in for the prisoners – toilet rolls and soap – which are always gratefully received. It’s what they really need! About 1,500 rolls were donated in all, and an equivalent amount of soap, and then Bibles and Christian materials for pastors, and food for orphans.