One of great promises of the Bible is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

However, this second coming, or advent, will not be in weakness, as a baby, but in glory, when Jesus returns in majesty, as Lord of lords and King of kings.

The apostles Paul, Peter and John all write of this, and Jesus himself spoke at length of his return (eg Matthew 24). The subject was important to him, and it should be important to us. Indeed, it is a thrilling hope for the believer, but a very sobering, indeed scary thought for the unbeliever.

How will Jesus return?

Christians have different ideas as to how and when Jesus will return, and yet all agree that he will return. It is helpful to look at what  these view are, and why they are held.

The three main views are:




These views are all connected to ideas of the "millennium" which are referred to in the book of Revelation (chapter 20), the period of an idyllic reign of Jesus on earth, for a period of one thousand years.

           Amillennialists  believe that there will not be a millennium. The world will carry on as it is until Jesus returns, then there is the judgment.

           Premillennialists believe in a literal reign of Jesus on earth for one thousand years, after a period tribulation, or judgment, which will last 7 years.

            Postmillennialists believe that the Church will usher in an age of righteousness and peace, after which Jesus will return. 

Does it matter which view Christians hold?                     

             As far as salvation is concerned - no. 
             Genuine born-again Christians might hold any of these three views, and still end up in glory for all eternity. BUT..... be continued.